Tool Repair Center

Utility Tool Repair Center

Jeff Mracek, who has 30 years of experience, initiated a repair center in 2004 with the qualities he saw lacking in the other repair facilities across the country. Southern Utility Repair performs some of the fastest repair times in the nation and guarantees their work for 90 days.

The three areas focused on was time of repair, cost, and warranty. The current average time of repair is faster than any other repair facility. Many customers were surprised by repair bills that were not expected from other facilities. A estimate is given for every repair to allow the customer to control reapir costs. The warranty was inititiated to insure customer satisfaction. Any customer not totaly satisfied with their repair will have a new repair done free or a complete refund will be given. These three concerns have led to an extremely happy customer base throughout the southeast.


Day Guarantee


Day Free Estimates

Repair Center Process

  1. Give us a call at 404-585-0745
  2. Send broken tool to us with your contact information
    • 2774 North Cobb Pkwy
      Suite 109 #267
      Kennesaw, GA 30152
  3. We will examine the tool
  4. We'll call you with a free estimate within 7 business days
  5. If you approve the estimate, we'll complete the repair
  6. If you do not want to repair the tool, we can ship it back to you or recycle for you.
  7. After the repair is completed, we ship the tool back to you with a 90 day guarantee


  • 2004Southern Utility Repair Founded

    Jeff Mracek is a Greenlee Textron factory trained and certified technician for battery tool repairs.
  • 2007Product Lines

    Created the SUR Transformer Dolly and SUR Ground Rod Driver