SUR Transformer Dolly

Eliminate those costly landscape repair jobs with SUR back lot transformer dolly. Dolly was designed to carry transformers up to 1100 pounds to meet all back lot needs. A saddle allows the lineman to also strap pieces of poles to be removed up to 6 feet long to dolly fulfilling a dual use tool for taking down overhead lines where vehicles can not reach. The wide tires insure that no damage is done to lawns. Stop paying for the needless yard repair with the SUR-Dolly.

Download Transformer Dolly Spec Sheet (PDF)


  • Strap eyelets to secure hardware to dolly
  • 18 inch Tires for maximum floatation
  • Balanced to handle transformers to 75 KV
  • Pole sections to 1000 pounds with optional cradle
  • Split handles for multi person handling
  • Leverage foot to easily lift and set down
  • Rubber guards to protect transformers


  • $2,495.00

Additional Equipment

SUR-Cradle (Optional)
Haul pole sections up to 6′ using the attachment which joins on the top of the dolly.