Ground Rod Driver

Manual Ground Rod Driver and Post Driver with Sledgehammer

Drive 5/8″ ground rods safely by hand from ground level with the SUR Manual Ground Rod Driver. Our driver is fitted with a ball where the ground rod can be easily fitted and stays secure. The ball also helps the driver from coming off the ground rod and in the event that it does, will deflect the rod away from your hands. The manual ground rod driver has 32 inches of travel to generate down force. The large, sledge hammer top adds extra weight needed to efficiently complete the post job by hand.

Drive the ground rod by lifting and dropping the driver onto the rod. Drive until bell contacts ground.
Remove driver and drive rod to ground level using the hammer end of the driver.


  • 32 inch ground rod travel
  • Bottom bell design to deflect if raised above 32 inches
  • Large hammer head to drive remaining rod from the 32 inch level

Price: SUR-Ground Rod Driver $249